Your Time Will Come!

God can use certain things, experiences, situations, and so on to reveal spiritual truth to us. I have seeing it in many cases, but I would like to talk about timing today. Just across my window in the house where I lived the Lord showed me something that I believe will help us. In fact, it has helped me! Now please see the uploaded photo of the plant. You will see two trees; the tree on the left has started to bud again after it had shed it leaves. While the one on your right is still heavily on its resting stage after it has shed it leaves and is yet to recover. I have also included separate photo of the two trees so that we can see it closely! We can see that when we compare the two trees, we are quick to see that the tree on the left is fast in shedding its leaves, in budding and also in going through all its circle, but this is not the same on the other tree. This tree is taking its time and not in a hurry. Now what can we learn from this? 1)The tree on the right is minding it…


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