Our projects

1). Dorcas child.

As part of Dorcas of Joppa self-less service model.we are dedicated ministry that respond to boys and girls and gender expansive youth. With the help our partners we will fight homelessness, and adult abandonment. We can't afford to stop now, they need us more than ever. Join us in supporting young people who have been traditionally counted out by adopting a child today. Similarly, Child sponsorship is a unique relationship, that brings real hope and a life-affirming experience. Sponsorship gives children and their communities life-changing ideas that enhances their self-esteem.

2).Church and worship centers construction.

We are currently in the construction of the Uganda branch of the Dorcas of Joppa International Ministries. We are in the early phase of the development. If the Lord has put it in your heart to be part of the project in anyway we will be glad to hear from you. We are emphasizing revival movement that we can transfer to our youths by the church. Some of the youths doesn’t have parents. Therefore, they need someone to guide and mentor them. We will reach out to the youth with a view to sensitizing them. It will also transfer revival movement to the youth.

3).Work-Learning-Service/Work College

Goals and purposes

Following a Godly model showed to us in the person of Dorcas, we gladly put together a work-learning-service program that we believe will help engage the youth, the widows and the orphans. The details of the program are as follows:

The work-learning-service will use work college to prepare graduate for their career compared with their peers from private and public schools. We believe that work college will offer a work-learning-service option that teaches critical thinking, problem solving, taking initiative, resourcefulness, teamwork, effective communication, decision making, respect for others, leadership, responsibility, appreciation for diversity, research skills, accountability, professionalism, time management, christian leadership, respect for constructive criticism and lifelong learning.