About Us

Introduction and Background

We drew our inspiration from two key people:

Dorcas (Acts 9:36-43)-The woman named Dorcas whose dress making touched the hearts of all. The introduction of this woman named Tabitha which was interpreted as Dorcas was that she was full of good works and alms deeds. This tells us that she was a woman who worked assiduously to the extent that she grabbed the attention of all the widows. She earned a reputation for her acts of charity to the widows and to the poor. Her hard work showed in the coats and garments which she made while she was with the women and caring for the orphans. She was reported to have died. Dorcas’ dead body was washed and placed in the upper room. However, God so had it that Peter was in Lydda. The women sent and implored Peter to come and pray for Dorcas. When he came they showed him the work Dorcas had done while she was alive. What we may learn from this woman and her effort was that she discovered her purpose and not only that; she used all that she had to accomplish her purpose including her strength, wisdom, and finances to carry out her God given purpose. She did not just seek for leadership position to be known and be respected for her wealth. But that the women and the orphans and the poor put her in her place. She became their leader and truly cared and loved them and was highly respected too.

In turn as part of her reward, her good work created a second chance for her in life as she was brought back to life after Peter’s prayer. The women too were not willing to release her to Jesus. Dorcas probably did not know that her good work will yield her godly consequences, but she just did it anyways to the Glory of the Lord. Dorcas’ acts of good work are really a good example for us all to emulate. This is one of the rare cases of Jesus Christ releasing someone back to earth from heaven. The scripture clearly teaches us that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”. We should remember to state this important fact that this woman captured the hearts and attention of all the women, the orphans and the poor. We must understand that for her to be able to capture their attention, she showed love to the people she came across. She loved them no matter their status, their position or who they were. She realized that whether they were widows or orphans or poor these people were God’s children and as a result they deserved loving care just as other people of great status and wealth. She obviously showed them love and they saw it and was received by all. One of the virtues that we all need is that hard work and good work pays in this life and even in the life to come. Her resurrection created a revival in Joppa and many people were saved. This was because many people who heard previously that Dorcas was dead soon discovered that she had been raised to life again.

B).Mzee.Eriya Begumisa-Mzee Eriya was born in Rweikiniro Sub County, in Rwampala County then Ankole District. His beloved wife was the late Kangyeya Agnes. They both trained several boys and girls, most of them orphans. They took them to schools and paid their school fees. some even stayed with them at home.

When we met this great man of God I called prophet he simply said come and build science centers and hospitals in his land. With this in mind we set our hearts on finishing up the vision that he has started. As in all things we began with Pastor Timothy going to the village to meet with him and the family and praying with this great man of God. After that we set out to organize a crusade and we cannot limit God he would do next as he keeps doing great things in the ministry.

Yours in Christ!

Joan Ogbomo

Sunny Ogbomo

Lillian Butungi